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A personal mortgage advisor who will lead you on the safe way to an apartment

Rich knowledge that passes between the entire team for the benefit of maximizing savings in every process

A full array of mortgage advisors for all your financing solutions

The unique mortgage consulting company has accompanied thousands of clients so far and in the last year managed a volume of mortgages of approximately NIS 500,000,000.
The company was established in 2017 with the aim of allowing "industrial peace" for every customer in taking out a mortgage, loan or consolidation of all loans together.
The overarching goal – to treat with "tweezers" every customer who starts a process with a mortgage specialty.
The company does this while conducting strict negotiations and tendering comprehensive interest rates with the various banks and credit companies.
This is how we save an average of 62,000,000 NIS for our customers every year.

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Some facts about us
We save an average of over NIS 155,000 for our customers by taking out a new mortgage and refinancing an existing mortgage
We are licensed advisors in the Association of Mortgage Advisors
We perform an in-depth analysis of your needs using the most advanced tools in the mortgage market
We commit to maximum savings while negotiating and tendering rigid interest rates with the various banks.
We save you time and bureaucracy - you come to the bank once to sign a new mortgage after a detailed step-by-step explanation.
The largest companies and organizations in Israel are already our clients in the field of mortgage consulting

What is the mortgage counseling process?

>> Research and building a mix Our mortgage consultant will analyze your personal needs and preferences and build a customized mortgage mix for you with the help of a sophisticated optimization system and the only one of its kind in Israel, which performs statistical and actuarial analysis and shows you the predicted behavior of the selected mortgage and its level of risk.

>> Formation and selection of an offer After the transfer of the necessary documents for mortgage approval, a mortgage consultant on our behalf will review for you the conditions offered by the banks and recommend the selection of the offer with the most suitable conditions for you. We work in cooperation with all the mortgage banks active in Israel

> Signing the mortgage Your mortgage advisor will connect you with the recommended bank and give you an organized briefing for the meeting to sign the mortgage at the bank.

In addition, your mortgage consultant comes with you to verify and check the conditions agreed with the bank after the negotiation. Do not sign before making sure.

>> Availability until the mortgage is received Even after signing the mortgage at the bank, we will be available for you for inquiries in case questions arise, until the actual receipt of the mortgage funds.

Our Services

A new mortgage

Buying a house, and it doesn't matter what kind of house it is, whether it's a three-room apartment or maybe a luxurious villa, it's no small matter and it's expected to be one of the biggest and most significant transactions in many people's lives. A mortgage is a means of financing that helps many couples and individuals realize the same dream and buy the house they always wanted. Of course, a mortgage comes with different conditions. Taking out a new mortgage can be a difficult step, and even particularly challenging.

Building insurance for a mortgage

Mortgage building insurance is designed to insure you and the banks against damage that can happen to the building,
for the apartment or parts thereof.

Mortgage life insurance

This life insurance is an integral part of the process of taking the loan (mortgage) because without it the bank will not approve the continuation of the process.
Insurance whose main purpose is to protect the bank and the borrowers in the event of the death of one of the borrowers.
In the event of the death of one of the borrowers, the insurance company will pay the bank the amount of the loan that has not yet been repaid.


A loan for any purpose is a lien on an existing property (mortgage) for any purpose – closing debts, buying property abroad, helping a child, helping a family and can even be used for a long vacation (compared to a normal mortgage intended for buying property).

In cooperation with all the mortgage banks active in Israel: